Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation

Do you know the importance of the monthly bank and credit card reconciliation?

Do you have the right procedures and controls to protect your company against fraud?

What are you doing to ensure accurate invoice processing?

Do you understand the true costs of human error as it relates to your accounts?

Reconciliation involves comparing two sets of records to make sure they are in agreement. It is used to ensure the balances between opposing (e.g. asset vs. liability) accounts continue to match. Assets, Liability, Equity, Revenue and Expense ledgers all need to be reconciled on a regular basis.

While internal reconciliation practices are important, you ultimately need an impartial third party to perform the checks and provide the balance to your overall bookkeeping system. The troubleshooting experience of a professional bookkeeping consultant can help to ensure the accuracy of your data and pinpoint any problems before they have a negative impact.

The Accounting Firm offers a full bank and credit card monthly reconciliation service no matter how many bank accounts or credit cards your business has. As we believe monthly bank and credit reconciliations will prevent your business from any fraud That's why we work to identify discrepancies, trace differences to their source and provide the most realistic and accurate state-of-the-company financial records through account reconciliation.