Payroll Administration

How are you processing your payroll?

Do you understand all the payroll terms and deductions?

How are you automating employee deductions through the use of self-service?

Do you pay your employees by checks or by direct deposit?

Payroll involves recording all employee wages, fringe benefits, vacation and sick pay, bonuses, and applicable taxes. As every new employee means an exponential increase in processing and paperwork, most small businesses outsource their payroll services to companies like ADP and Paychex.

Our Payroll Services include:

- Professional payroll processing (fixed salary or hourly rates)- with Direct Deposit option

- Payments to independent contractors (1099 Contractors)

- Prepare and file the quarterly payroll forms requird by the IRS, and assist on paying the quarterly dues

- Prepare and file all year end business W-2 forms, W-3 forms, and 1099 forms

- Accurate federal, state and local tax calculations

- Vacation and sick pay tracking